U.S Forces Building In Eastern Europe To Counter RussiaAmerican soldiers are once again being called upon to be ready for war, this time their deployment will take them to Eastern Europe, rather than the Middle East. Russia continues to exert its power in the region and continues to promote unrest, arming rebels with sophisticated weapon technology, etc. After capturing and absorbing the Crimea Peninsula into the Russian Empire, President Putin has continued westward with Ukraine. After nearly a year of fighting in Ukraine, the shooting down of passenger plane Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, Putin continues to supply weapons to Russian rebels and amass a massive force on Russia’s border with other Baltic states such as Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, etc. American and European officials have applied crippling sanctions against Russia over the past year since the Crimea issue began. Combine very tough sanctions with a crashing oil and Russia’s economy should flop over right? Not quite. While the economic conditions in Russia are very bleak and continue to show signs of destabilization, they still have not deterred President Putin from continuing his campaign in Ukraine and in the region. Now, the West has only one last option left in the hopes of stopping Putin: military buildup. FULL REPORT