Toxic cocktail of smog and blood rain to hit Britain this weekendBritain is bracing itself for a toxic cocktail of smog and blood rain this weekend. Parts of the UK are facing soaring levels of air pollution as African dust from the Saharan desert mingles with city pollution, prompting health officials to issue warnings to vulnerable people. And sun-seeking Brits have been told the smog, partly made up of dust blown over to Britain from the deserts of North Africa, could even turn into blood rain if there is a downpour leaving cars stained red, yellow and brown. MeteoGroup forecaster Mario Cuellar said: “Blood rain is dust in rain from the Sahara. “Some of this dust currently in the UK’s polluted air could be found on cars after rain on Friday night. “Spain saw this ‘blood rain’ or ‘mud rain’ yesterday as the Saharan dust moved north.” Blood rain is the term used when rain mixes with sand from deserts. Storms in the Sahara desert whip up sand into a fine dust which is carried for more than 2,000 miles to Britain. When the rain falls it looks a reddish colour and when it dries it leaves a thin layer of dust capable of coating houses, cars and garden furniture. Although it is more common in Spain and the South of France, it has been known to travel longer distances and fall in areas like Scandinavia. The high pollution levels this weekend have triggered Government warnings that people with health problems should reduce their physical activity. Much of central, eastern and northern England will be blanketed in smog with some of south-east England affected by very high pollution. FULL REPORT