The American Empire will crumble like all the restThe ancient myth goes that King Midas was a kind and gentle king who took pity on a satyr and was rewarded by the god Dionysus, who granted the king one wish. Midas wished that everything he touched would turn to gold. It wasn’t long before Midas’ golden touch destroyed his life. After some begging from the king, Dionysus allowed Midas to wash away his golden touch in a river. King Midas was the first in a long line of leaders who saw gold as an obstacle.  Since the earliest civilizations, there has been a need for money as an instrument that could be a store of value used to expedite trade. Universally, gold has been valued. And so it’s been connected to money. But as far back as the ancients, there has been a desire to cheat the system, to debase the money. It’s been a universal desire to have something for nothing, and leaders have fulfilled that desire simply by creating more money. It is also a manifestation of our natural inclination to rationalize, or to convert a wish into a belief. Thus, the tendency to inflate the money supply is as rooted in our nature as are greed, fear and lust. FULL REPORT