Obama steps up pace of executive action rolloutsAs President Obama visits the Florida Everglades on Wednesday to give a speech on climate change, the White House is announcing a package of eight different executive actions, implemented by seven government agencies, to “protect the people and places that climate change puts at risk.” The announcement contains no executive orders, sweeping directives, legislative proposals or bill signings. Instead, the actions are smaller-bore staples of Obama’s “pen-and-phone” strategy that shows no sign of letting up: a report on the value of parks to the environment, a proclamation declaring National Parks Week, and conservation efforts in Florida, Hawaii, Puget Sound and the Great Lakes. “This is an example of how the administration can continue to advance what we consider to be and what the world considers to be a top priority, which is dealing with the impacts of climate change in a way that makes communities more resilient,” said White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest. FULL REPORT