Obama Mocks Netanyahu On TwitterThe White House took to Twitter to send a mocking message Israel’s way, using a graphic Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu relied on in his 2012 address to the United Nations as a springboard to defend the looming U.S.-Iran nuclear deal. Netanyahu presented a diagram before the United Nations General Assembly two years ago that included a picture of a bomb with red and blue lines, with the overall point being: We need to keep Iran from acquiring nuclear technology to make weapons.  The White House tweeted a nearly identical diagram of the bomb, including red and blue lines, to show how its discussions with Iran over a nuclear pact are going well and to suggest, in a mocking manner, Israel’s very publicly expressed concerns are nonsensical. The picture contained a drawing of an almost cartoonish bomb – a circle with a squared top and hanging string – with a pro-con summary of the options to the left and right of the image. A pair of scissors cuts the string alongside the text: “With the Deal: No production or stockpile of highly enriched uranium. Low-enriched uranium stockpile reduced by 98 percent and capped. Centrifuges reduced by two-thirds.” FULL REPORT