North Korea has ‘1,000 ballistic missiles’ that can reach Japan and South Korea North Korea is armed with hundreds of ballistic missiles which have the potential to hit neighbouring countries, researchers have warned. According to a US study investigating what the hermit kingdom’s nuclear capabilities will look like by 2020, North Korea will need foreign technology in order to upgrade its arsenal and pose a direct threat to Washington. The nation’s aggressive rhetoric and periodic missile tests have made other nations in the region nervous, as negotiations to persuade it to disarm remain unlikely. Just last week, North Korea’s military fired seven missiles into the sea as US and South Korean forces performed military exercises off its coastline, according to Seoul officials. The research was published by the North Korean Futures Project – a joint effort by the U.S.-Korea Institute at John Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies and National Defense University’s Centre for the Study of Weapons of Mass Destruction. It concluded that North Korea’s inventory of around 1,000 missiles, based on old Soviet technology, can already reach most targets in South Korea and Japan. FULL REPORT