Nepal Earthquake Triggers Deadly Mount Everest AvalancheClimbers on Mount Everest ran for their lives on Saturday when a massive 7.9-magnitude earthquake struck Nepal and set off at least one avalanche. At least eight people died and more than two dozen were injured in the avalanche on the world’s highest mountain, according to The Associated Press. Jelle Veyt was just getting back to base camp when suddenly the earth “shook for a couple of seconds — badly,” the Belgian climber told NBC News. A sherpa just a few feet ahead turned and pointed behind him, Veyt recalled, saying he then turned around himself and saw a “huge cloud of snow” heading his way. “I started running for my life….trying to be in a tent before it hit me,” he said, telling NBC News he wasn’t thinking about “much” other than running “as fast as I could to the tents” which were only about 200 feet away. Before he could reach the tents Veyt said he felt a “huge blow.” “It felt like a wind in the back but more powerful,” he said. Then, he said, he was “just surrounded by snow then. I couldn’t see my own hands.” While Veyt said he first tried hiding behind a rock, he “felt like I couldn’t breathe” so tried to make his way to the tent despite the “very low visibility.” MORE