NATO Simulating War Against Russia During DrillsDuring its military drills, NATO is increasingly often simulating the war with a conditional enemy understood as Russia instead of practicing anti-terror activities, Russian General Staff head Valery Gerasimov said Thursday. Russian General Staff head said that the number of NATO exercises had almost doubled in 2014. “While in previous years the issues of crisis settlement and counteraction to terrorism were central at drills, today the priority is military action against a simulated enemy, which could easily be guessed as the Russian Federation,” Gerasimov said. NATO accuses Russia of aggressive foreign policy to justify its own existence and expansion, head of the Russian General Staff said. “Accusing Russia of aggressive policy on the post-Soviet space and the idea on the need of its [Russia’s] containment have become the driving force of NATO.” The defense official added that NATO extensively used the crisis in Ukraine to stir up its activities. The deployment of US anti-missile defense systems in Europe is yet another step of the United States and its allies at reaching global supremacy and destroying the current system of international security, Russian General Staff head Valery Gerasimov said Thursday. During an international conference on security, Army General Gerasimov said that this was “one more significant military threats to the Russian Federation and is a growing problem in maintaining the strategic stability in the world.” MORE