The clip posted on YouTube shows what appears to be a small white disc floating near to the huge space station before it disappears out of shot. Sceptics claim a plethora of alleged UFO sightings on the live feed, available to anyone online, are down to NASA’s bad camera, and the latest is likely to be simply a distorted view of the Moon. The camera has led to a string of YouTube uploads from alien hunters claiming to have captured the moments other beings observe the ISS, but the footage is invariably dismissed just as quickly by sceptics who argue it is down to poor-quailty camera equipment used by NASA for the feed.

The latest UFO was posted by Streetcap1 on his YouTube channel, which has previously shown similar clips.Scott C Waring, a self-styled UFO expert, said of the latest sighting: “Streetcap1 was taking a look at the live NASA space station cam when he caught glimpse of a small metallic disk in the distance. At first it looks like the disk is moving, but I believe it has matched speed with the space station.However, hoax and rumour-debunking website,, is not convinced by any of the sightings and said: “NASA has also admitted that its video setup is far from perfect. In fact, the HDEV experiment was started in an effort to find and develop better camera equipment for future missions.” MORE