John Hagee on Angels, Demons and What Lies AheadNew York Times best-selling author John Hagee combines the Bible, science and incredible true stories to explore the ongoing battle between angelic and demonic forces in his new book The Three Heavens: Angels, Demons and What Lies Ahead. Launching May 12, it is available online for pre-order now. The Three Heavens paints a vivid picture of how this supernatural war between light and darkness affects the world today … and the world to come. “The Three Heavens takes you on an exciting journey into the supernatural with real-life accounts of those who have experienced heaven and come back to declare its splendor,” Hagee said. “And it gives readers clear insight how angels assigned to protect and defend you continue fighting an ages-long battle against Satan and his demonic forces.” The Three Heavens begins looking up … to the first heaven that we see with our natural eyes; the beautiful, mysterious, majestic universe of the sun, moon, stars and other celestial objects. Hagee’s clear, engaging writing also carries readers to the third heaven—Paradise, a place of eternal splendor. Hagee recounts multiple firsthand accounts of people who died, saw the third heaven and returned. Their stories of what awaits will encourage every reader. Then Hagee poses an intriguing question—if there is a first heaven and a third heaven, mustn’t there be a second? Drawing on his extensive biblical knowledge, pastoral experience and expansive network of expert colleagues, Hagee explores the second heaven—a battleground where an ongoing war between the forces of good and evil plays out … affecting those on earth now. MORE