Israeli planes strike targets in SyriaIsraeli warplanes struck military targets in Syria early Saturday, according to media reports that were not confirmed by Israeli or Syrian officials. According to Arab media and pro-opposition sources in Syria, the strikes targeted several bases belonging to Syrian missile brigades in the mountainous Qalamoun region near the Syrian-Lebanese border. The targets reportedly were Syrian army brigades said to keep long-range missiles and other strategic weaponry.Syrian pro-opposition sources uploaded a video to YouTube depicting columns of smoke rising from what was said to be the base of a Syrian army brigade, one of many bases and other military installations in the Qalamoun area. SANA, Syria’s official news agency, did not acknowledge the attack but several pro-government outlets reported explosions in the town of Qateyfah. It wasn’t immediately clear who was behind the strike, and conflicting versions of events were heard among the warring factions in Syria. Hezbollah officials, contacted by phone in the Lebanese capital of Beirut, had no comment. MORE