Is the U.S. enabling a Middle East apocalypse? You’ve seen people enabling other’s bad behavior, whatever the unhealthy pattern or addiction. But what happens when the enabler is one of the most powerful nations on the earth and the disastrous outcome could be as great as an apocalypse? Any student of the Middle East knows that it would only take a spark to ignite World War III. I’ve sat back many times over the last few years and thought, “Is the U.S. providing the flint?” Instead of the U.S. throwing a bucket of water on Middle East embers, the Obama administration continues to pack the powder keg through its many failed strategies. There isn’t a single situation in or around the Middle East that the Obama administration’s so-called solutions haven’t turned detrimental or deadly. From the endorsement of the Arab Spring and rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt to the devastating blunders in Benghazi, U.S. passiveness in Syria, and the untimely and wrongly handled withdraws of American troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, the White House has increased U.S. disdain and Muslim extremism. Chief among the failures is Obama’s epic abandonment of our chief ally and friend in the region, Israel. His refusal to back the Jewish nation against Iran and even meet with its wise and courageous prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has only jeopardized Israel’s security. Enabling a nuclear Iran is the epitome of Obama’s failed international policy. And what is Iran’s response to the great U.S-Iran nuclear deal? No deal, at least yet, with all the cards still sitting in the hands of the Islamic country’s leaders. They have called for sanctions to be completely lifted and more centrifuges to process uranium before they ever call it good. MORE