Iran 'deal' would lift sanctions, shrink nuclear programThe U.S. and international negotiators announced the hard-fought framework for an Iranian nuclear deal Thursday, capping days of exhaustive and tense talks that blew past their original deadline.  The plan, containing dozens of provisions, would effectively require Iran to wind down or sideline key parts of its nuclear program that could be used for nuclear weapon development in exchange for sweeping sanctions relief. The preliminary agreement allows all sides — the U.S., Iran and five other world powers — to continue working toward a final deal by a June 30 deadline.  Speaking in the Rose Garden shortly after negotiators unveiled the plan in Switzerland, President Obama called the agreement a “historic understanding.”  “It is a good deal,” Obama said.  The announcement follows days of talks that went into overtime after missing a March 31 deadline, raising doubts on whether the negotiators could reach any agreement at all. Even with the framework, negotiators have weeks of talks ahead of them. And Obama will swiftly face pressure from congressional skeptics concerned about the direction of talks and seeking a vote on Capitol Hill.  FULL REPORT