Humanists Threaten Legal Action After Elementary Teacher Gives Bibles to StudentsA national humanist organization has threatened to sue a school district in Oklahoma because an elementary school teacher offered Gideon New Testaments to her students. Erica Mackey is a third grade teacher at Woodrow Wilson Elementary in Duncan, Oklahoma. Last Thursday, Mackey reportedly announced to her students that she had several New Testament Bibles and asked if anyone would like one. Nearly all her students came up to her desk to get copies of the New Testaments. Upon learning of the Bible distribution, one of the third grade student’s parents alerted the American Humanist Association (AHA), describing what happened. The AHA quickly emailed a letter to both the principal of the school and the superintendent of the school district, reprimanding Mackey’s in-class actions and threatening legal action. “The school’s actions in assisting the Gideons in distributing Bibles to elementary students represents a clear breach of the Establishment Clause of the United States Constitution and we hereby demand assurances that this practice will discontinue immediately,” the letter states. FULL REPORT