Government Demands Father Demolish Cardboard Fort He Built For His KidsA father in Ogden, Utah who lovingly built a fort made out of cardboard for his kids and their friends almost immediately received a letter from Ogden City’s code enforcement office ordering the family to demolish the creation or face being fined.  36-year-old Jeremy Trentelman used boxes from his job as a floral designer to build an impressive fort with trapdoors, turrets and secret tunnels, enlisting the help of his wife as well as two-year-old daughter Story and three-year-old son Max. The fort featured a sign that read, “everyone can come in,” prompting other neighborhood kids to join in with the fun. But the mood turned sour when Trentelman received a letter just one day later from the government demanding he take down the structure, described as “waste materials or junk,” or be hit with a $125 fine. “ARE YOU FREAKIN KIDDIN ME!!!?! We build a completely awesome box castle in our front yard for our our kids to play in and we get a notice from code enforcement?!?,” Trentelman wrote on his Facebook page. FULL REPORT