From Iran To Cuba, Obama Is Forming Alliances With America's Enemies

Obama and Castro are expected to meet again on Saturday and talk about their efforts to restore full diplomatic relations and boost trade and travel between the two countries. Their rapprochement, first unveiled in a historic policy shift in December, is the central issue at the Summit of the Americas meeting in Panama. “The days in which our agenda in this hemisphere so often presumed that the United States could meddle with impunity, those days are past,” he said.


With a potential Iran-US nuclear deal in sight, Secretary of State John Kerry spent much of the past week consulting with allies and reassuring those nervous about the prospect. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel addressed Congress to warn that the terms as publicly reported would make it a “bad deal,” which would still leave Iran with a nuclear infrastructure that it could use to eventually make bombs.Obviously, Obama lied through his teeth in this video. In 2015, Obama is wooing Iran and despising Israel. Iran has nuclear reactors and related facilities in Arak, Bushehr, Gachin, Isfahan, Natanz, Parchin and Qom operating 24 hours a day. Read all about it here. America, are you really, really that stupid? Did Obama really place “crippling sanctions” on Iran? Not enough to “cripple” any of Iran’s 7 nuclear power sites, obviously. FULL REPORT