Dangerous radioactive material stolen in MexicoAuthorities appealed for help among Mexico’s population on Thursday to locate stolen radioactive material, the latest theft of such dangerous substances in the country. The interior ministry issued an alert in five southern and eastern states late Wednesday, two days after a toolbox-sized container carrying the Iridium-192 source was snatched from a truck in a residential parking lot in Cardenas, Tabasco state. Luis Felipe Puente, the national civil protection coordinator, urged ordinary Mexicans to be on the lookout and notify the authorities right away if they find the material, which is used for industrial radiography to check welding seams. He noted that in previous similar cases the thieves did not even know what kind of material they had taken. There have been three other cases since 2013 and the material was always recovered. “Each time that one of these units have disappeared from the hands of companies in charge of them, we have recovered them with the help of the population,” Puente told Milenio television. He urged anybody who finds it to stay away and quickly call the authorities. Puente posted a picture of the metallic 50-by-30 centimeter container on his Twitter page. The tri-foil radiation symbol is printed in red on a yellow plate with the warning “caution radioactive material.” The theft was reported by the company Garantia Radiografica e Ingenieria on Monday. MORE