California bill banning child vaccine exemptions moves ahead California lawmakers on Wednesday pushed forward a bill that would ban parents from citing their personal beliefs as a reason to let their school-going children remain unvaccinated. The measure passed the state Senate health committee by a vote of 6-2, the bill’s co-author, Democrat Richard Pan, said in a statement. “I’ve personally witnessed the suffering caused by vaccine-preventable diseases, and all children deserve to be safe at school,” said Pan, who is also a pediatrician. “The personal belief exemption is now putting other school children and people in our community in danger.” Pan proposed the bill, which would leave in place medical exemptions to vaccinations, in the wake of a major measles outbreak in the state that began at Disneyland in December. All told, more than 150 people across the United Sates have been diagnosed with measles in recent months, 126 of them in California. The outbreak renewed debate over the so-called anti-vaccination movement, in which fears about potential side effects of vaccinations, fueled by now-debunked research suggesting a link to autism, prompted a small minority of parents to refuse them for their children. FULL REPORT