National Guard troops filled the streets of Baltimore in the early morning Tuesday hours, bringing a semblance of calm to a city that was overrun with protesters who had set their sights on police, injuring 15 so far in the melees. Tuesday’s scene was of spotted looting, with police quickly calming any escalations in violence. Fox News reported authorities were also making arrests with greater speed than the previous evening, when some told members of the media their hands were tied by the city’s mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, and an order from her office to stand down on the apprehensions for unclear reasons.

Roughly 200 were taken into police custody in recent hours, though their specific charges aren’t yet known. The police who were injured in overnight protests – some by hurled rocks and bottles – were expected to fully recover, though at least one was unresponsive, deemed in critical condition. “We went to bed last night and the entire city smelled like smoke,” said Peter Doocy, from Fox News on Tuesday morning. “We woke up this morning and it’s pretty much the same thing.” MORE