Bad Iran deal foretold in 'blood moon' celestial signs?After observing a total lunar eclipse over Jerusalem’s Temple Mount in 2008, Pastor Mark Biltz pondered the meaning of such a celestial event and began investigating heavenly occurrences in the Bible. He wondered if it was possible to ascribe them meaning. He found a positive sign almost immediately in Genesis 1:14, the verse in which God creates the sun and the moon. A literal English translation of the Hebrew is: “And God said, and there will be lights in the heaven’s firmament, to separate between day and night, and they will be for signs, and for festivals, and for days, and years.”  The blatant mention of “signs” was all Biltz needed, he recounted to The Times of Israel in a phone conversation from his Washington state home ahead of his livestream annual Passover seder with his 1,000-strong congregation. The next challenge was looking for historical connections — which he quickly found in abundance. In scanning the 5,000 years of lunar eclipses charted on the NASA website, he began seeing a pattern when crossing the dates of past lunar eclipses against historical time periods. Most striking to Biltz were the widespread upheavals he saw linked to the Jewish people and the State of Israel during what NASA labeled “tetrads,” or the phenomena of four full lunar eclipses in two years. FULL REPORT