Arab military force could drag U.S. into conflictsThe newly formed joint Arab military force under the leadership of Saudi Arabia could drag the U.S. into a conflict it doesn’t want, warn regional analysts. As WND reported, Arab League recently agreed to a joint military force at Egypt’s Sharm el Sheikh, partly in response to what analysts say is a desire by the Arab countries, especially Saudi Arabia, to be less dependent on the U.S. for its security.  The 22 Sunni Islamic countries that form the Arab League want to create their own version of NATO for Middle East regional conflicts against Islamic jihadists such as ISIS but also against the growing influence of Shiite Iran. “The challenges facing our national Arab security are grave, and we have succeeded in diagnosing the reasons behind it,” Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi told the Arab League. Sisi said the gathering was “pumping the blood of hope in the arteries of Arab cooperation.” Arab League action comes as the U.S. attempts to wrap up a nuclear agreement with Iran, a move that the Saudis and the Arab countries vehemently oppose, as does Israel. The Saudi-led military coalition is designed to “unite a divided and apprehensive nation,” according to Middle East expert Madawi Al-Rasheed, who writes for Al-Monitor. FULL REPORT