Evidence of a pro-”gay” bias by two Supreme Court justices, especially Ruth Ginsburg, could undermine the court’s ruling on same-sex “marriage,” according to a constitutional expert. “The decision will forever be open to question of whether it was an honest and fair decision of the court or was controlled by their personal viewpoints on the issue,” Col. John Eidsmoe told WND on Wednesday, one day after the justices heard arguments over whether same-sex “marriage” will be mandated across the U.S. Eidsmoe is a lecturer at colleges and universities and a constitutional attorney with a successful litigation record in court cases involving religious freedom.

He holds five degrees in law, theology and political science, including two doctorates, and he’s written numerous books including “Christianity & the Constitution.” WND has reported on groups urging Ginsburg and Elena Kagan to recuse themselves from the marriage case, since they already have made public statements or taken actions supporting homosexuality, including by performing same-sex ceremonies. To date, however, they have refused.Eidsmoe, who is with the religious rights-focused Foundation for Moral Law, which was led by Judge Roy Moore before he was elected as chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, submitted a motion to the Supreme Court addressing the issue of the bias by Kagan and Ginsburg. MORE