While Obama Guts The U.S. Military, Russia Prepares For War

A file picture taken on April 24, 2012, shows an ammunition being displayed in front of a MIG-29 fighter jet of the Ukrainian Air Forces at the military aerodrome at Vasylkiv, some 50 km from Kiev. Russia could supply 10 ultra-modern MiG-29 fighter jets to Syria under a possible contract being discussed with a visiting delegation from Damascus, Interfax reported yesterday. AFP PHOTO/ SERGEI SUPINSKYSERGEI SUPINSKY/AFP/Getty Images

Did you know that history points out that Rome wasn’t defeated from without but from within? Perhaps it’s not the outside threats the U.S needs to be concerned about but what’s happening from within the walls? Military spending in Russia is increasing by a whopping 33 percent this year alone, and the Russians are feverishly preparing as if a major war with the United States is inevitable. Meanwhile back at the Homefront despite the fact tensions with Russia are at Cold War levels, the Obama administration is still acting as if we were living in a “post-Cold War” era. While Russia continues arming themselves to the teeth, the U.S. military is being gutted. In fact, the U.S. Army is in the process of being cut down to the smallest size that we have seen since the end of World War II, and the U.S. Navy is already the smallest that it has been since World War I. There is very little political debate about this gutting of our military at the moment, but someday we may look back and bitterly regret not being more prepared. FULL REPORT