Exercise-Eagle-ResolveJust in case things get a little wild on an upcoming Iran Deal Reports indicate that , Some 3,000 U.S. military personnel as well as American “air, land, sea, and special operations components” have moved into the Persian Gulf region for a military exercise that coincides with the finalization of a nuclear agreement with Iran aimed at containing its nuclear arms program, according to officials from U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM). The exercise, known as Eagle Resolve, has been taking place in Kuwaiti waters since March 8 and will run through the end of the month, when the United States is expected to announce a tentative framework agreement with Iran that is to serve as the final step toward a nuclear agreement. This year’s exercise, which is taking place off Iran’s southern coast, “is the biggest to date,” according to a readout of the exercise provided by CENTCOM officials. Military representatives from more than a dozen U.S. allies are supporting the exercise. The goal of the exercise, which has been in the works since January of last year, is to boost regional response time to potential incidents and practice tactical moves from the land, sea, and air, according to CENTCOM, which oversees military operations in the region. “Eagle Resolve 2015 will consist of a week-long series of simulated ‘injects’ to exercise participants’ ability to respond as a multinational headquarters staff, followed by a series of tactical demonstrations of land, maritime, and air forces from several nations,” CENTCOM said in a fact sheet about the exercise provided to the Washington Free Beacon. “The exercise ends with a senior leader seminar to foster an environment for commanders to discuss issues of regional interest.” FULL REPORT