The False Grace Message Can Lead to Lukewarm ApathyAre we seeing a generation of believers being swallowed up by a message of “False Grace”? Do we have a leadership that is leading the Church into Apathy?  According John Burton one who has an escalating concern over the false-grace (or what he prefers to call the unbiblical grace) message has open himself up to all sorts of accusations. He goes on to say “I will take responsibility for failing to communicate my position comprehensively enough at times. This failure can result in knee-jerk analysis and critiques that often presume I hold to a particular position due to my silence on a related and connected point.” “One such point that I want to clearly communicate here is that intimacy with Jesus is the goal. In fact, it’s not only the goal, but it’s also the primary focus of our journey. ” When we are deeply intimate with Jesus our heart explodes with love and our passion for Him becomes intense and immeasurable. Oh how I love to spend countless hours in the secret place enjoying God, praying in the Spirit and worshipping him with unbridled exuberance! If there’s anything that defines my life in God it’s intimacy! FULL REPORT