Russia braces for large-scale military drills, Over 2000 Troops

RIA Novosti / Vitaliy Ankov

WAR DRUMS – Not only is the U.S and Polish Troops carrying out Massive Military Drills according to reports the Russian Defense Ministry has launched massive military exercises as well involving over 2,000 troops and some 500 items of weaponry in southern Russia, including in the Caucasus.  The field-type exercises of the air defense forces will be taking place until April 10 in twelve military firing ranges, located in Russia’s South, the North Caucasus and Crimean Federal Districts, as well as at Russian military bases in Abkhazia, South Ossetia and Armenia. Russian sources indicate that  “Over 2,000 troops have been involved into the battle drills, and over 500 items of weaponry and military hardware are being used,” Interfax quoted a statement of the Southern Military District. FULL REPORT