Revelation's 6th trumpet about to sound?Whether you believe we are in the Tribulation or about to enter the Tribulation, Christians around the country are noticing contemporary events are lining up with prophecy, especially the terrifying warning of a great war to come. Author Carl Gallups says Christians need to face the possibility that the “trumpet days” of Revelation already are here, and the sixth trumpet may be about to sound. Gallups details his views in “Final Warning: Understanding the Trumpet Days of Revelation.” Even a brief introduction to his work reveals startling correlations between Bible prophecy and contemporary reality. Gallups notes: “The sixth trumpet vision (found in Revelation 9:13-21) speaks of a great war, bigger than anything the world has seen to date. The prophecy declares that this war will take place in the area of the Euphrates River – in the veritable heart of the Middle East. Bible students sometimes refer to the war of the sixth trumpet vision as The Coming World War III. “This ‘coincidence’ is simply too large to ignore. The Euphrates River begins in the mountains of northern Turkey and runs down through Syria, then through Iraq and into the Persian Gulf. This entire area just happens to be the current hotbed of the geopolitical focus of the world and the main stomping grounds of ISIS. These particular nations along the Euphrates, and the ones that surround them, are all major players in today’s terror climate and Middle East upheaval.” FULL STORY