PROPHETIC PARALLEL - Israel showdown with Iran falls on same week of PurimPROPHETIC ALERT – This next report should make you think for sure. Today’s address to Congress by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was more than just a political speech.  Infact it very well was likely a  “wake-up call,” and a “warning,” one that appears eerily similar to another from 2,500 years ago in which the Jewish people found themselves in grave danger. Why? Because the Feast of Purim and Netanyahu’s speech converged in the same and there is lessons learned from history that could unfold again in the future!  Purim celebrates Queen Esther’s brave intervention to stop a plot that, if allowed to go forward, would have led to a genocide against the Jews. But is the biblical story of Esther replaying thousands of years later? The threat Israel faces today does include some of the same national players, the same dates and the same stakes, according to Bible scholars and Christian friends of Israel. FULL REPORT