Possible 'Place of the Skull' loses its nose According to a report by WND the Jerusalem site many Christians believe is “the Place of the Skull” the location that Jesus was crucified has been forever altered. Located behind Jerusalem’s bus station and adjacent to the Garden Tomb, the rocky escarpment with its two cavernous “eyes” has been linked to the events of Jesus’ passion since the mid-19th century. Recent storms and erosion caused the collapse of the skull’s “nose” on Feb. 20, reported BiblePlaces.com. The site’s resemblance to a skull inspired 19th-century explorers to consider it an alternative to the traditional site located in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. It had the advantage of being located outside the city walls, as the Bible describes. Later scholarship, however, determined the traditional site was also outside the city when Jesus was there. FULL REPORT