Peter Schiff won't back down: 'The dollar is going to crash, buy gold'Peter Schiff is at it again and he is sounding the alarm even more! Yahoo new is reporting that the dollar index has risen for nine-straight months and recently hit a 12-year high vs. the euro. The greenback’s robust rise caught a lot of traders by surprise; for years the conventional wisdom was the dollar was heading down the tubes because of America’s runaway debt and the Fed’s easy money policies. Now, sentiment has now swung 180 degrees to where “everyone” it seems, is bullish on the almighty dollar. But some things never change. Peter Schiff, CEO of EuroPacific Capital, remains steadfast in his uber-bearish view. “I’m surprised it’s rallied this much but that doesn’t mean it’s permanent,” he tells me in the accompanying video. “When traders wake up to reality and realize how wrong these [bullish dollar] bets are, they’re going to unwind these trades and the dollar is going to unwind quickly.” The ‘reality’ according to Schiff, is the U.S. economy has not “recovered” and the Federal Reserve is not going to raise rates anytime soon. FULL REPORT