Obamacare Backfire? Massive drop in Americans without health insurance Remember when we were told that when Obamacare kicked in that the number of Americans without Health Insurance would be a thing in the past? Well according to a new report The proportion of Americans without health insurance has fallen by more than a third since the start of the Affordable Care Act, according to new government estimates that are likely to strengthen efforts to prevent Barack Obama’s flagship domestic reforms being rolled back by political opponents. A total of 14.1m adults are thought to have gained insurance since the act – known as Obamacare – went into full effect in October 2013, with a further 2.3m younger adults benefitting from new rules that allow those aged 19-25 to remain on their parents’ insurance plans. Together these net gains have reduced the national uninsured rate from 20.3 per cent to 13.2%, or a total of 16.4m people, based on government analysis of recent survey data. FULL REPORT