No nuclear deal yet as issues still remainIranian officials said issues still remained to be resolved in high-stakes nuclear talks Sunday night, rebuffing reports that a tentative agreement had been reached as the sides raced to come together before a Tuesday deadline.  A senior Iranian negotiator told AFP there was no agreement yet with global powers on Iran’s nuclear program, saying outstanding issues had still to be dealt with.  “No deal has been reached, and the remaining issues have to be resolved,” the Iranian official said. Several Western diplomats had told AFP there was tentative agreement on some key parts of the emerging deal, but warned it was far from concluded.  One Western diplomat said Iran had “more or less” agreed to slash the number of its centrifuge machines by more than two-thirds and to ship abroad most of its stockpile of nuclear material. A senior Iranian negotiator denied any such thing, saying any such claims were aimed at “disturbing” the talks. An American official in Lausanne also denied the claim, Israel Radio reported. Iran is considering demands for further cuts to its uranium enrichment program but is pushing back on how long it must limit technology it could use to make atomic arms, Western officials involved in the nuclear talks said Sunday. FULL REPORT