Monster fissure grows, continues to threaten cliffside homes above Lake Whitney in TexasAn alarming report is coming out of Texas as Extinction Protocol is reporting that A house-eating fracture above a Texas lake is growing and could threaten more luxury properties, homeowners said. The giant chasm cuts across a cliff above Lake Whitney, and nervous observers worry they’re one big rain away from a life-threatening disaster. “It’s getting larger… it’s getting wider… it’s getting deeper,” neighbor Steve Mellgren told WFAA 8. The owners of a $1 million mansion were forced to abandon their cliffhanging dream home in 2014 when the crack began to pare away the ground beneath them. They ultimately made the heartrending decision to torch the teetering structure before it toppled onto boaters below. The fiery demolition attracted scores of curious onlookers who thought they were witnessing a once-in-lifetime event. But there could be more fireworks on the precipice sooner than anyone imagined. “If we ever get a 5- or 6-inch rain, it could be the crowning blow,” Mellgren told WFAA 8. FULL REPORT