Mega-Pastor Accused of hijacking 'Blood Moons' DiscoveryAccording to a report from WND Mega-Church Pastor and Author John Hagee has been accused of “Hijacking” the Blood Moon discovery, referring to the popular Tetrad Studies on the 4 Blood Moons. According to reports The “blood moons” phenomenon, which has touched off controversy about the end of the world, just got even more contentious with charges an American mega-pastor is hijacking the discovery of the anomaly in a movie debuting in theaters nationwide Monday. The blood moons tetrad is a mysterious astronomical occurrence discovered by a Seattle-area pastor who postulated beginning in 2008 that it might portend spiritually significant developments for Israel and the rest of the world because of its appearance on the biblical “feast” days of Passover and Tabernacles.But, in a new movie called “Four Blood Moons,” San Antonio mega-pastor John Hagee, author of a New York Times bestselling book about the “blood moons phenomenon,” claims he is the discoverer.In the film, based on Hagee’s book of the same name, the pastor best known for his vigorous defense of the nation of Israel makes the statement early in the new film, previewed by WND staff.“The thing that compelled me to write the ‘Four Blood Moons’ was when I discovered the scientific fact NASA was pointing out that it happened in 1492 and it happened in 1948 and it happened in 1967 and it was going to happen in 2015,” Hagee says. FULL REPORT