Homosexual Man has a surrogate baby with his motherIn Yet another first of it’s kind, A mother acting as a surrogate to help her son become a parent raises deep questions about the changing nature of families, says Cristina Odone. A New Zealand Herald is reporting that a mother has helped her 24-year-old son become a father by carrying his child as a surrogate. In the procedure, the first of its kind, Anne-Marie Casson, 46, became pregnant using a donor egg fertilised by her son Kyle’s sperm. Heer son Kyle who is gay and single, had wanted to be a father “for some considerable time”. After surrogacy clinics across the country turned him away, and a female relative who had volunteered to be the carrier developed medical difficulties, Mrs Casson and her husband, Alan, decided she should step in and be the surrogate mother. A family court judge ruled the situation was “entirely lawful” and Kyle has been allowed to adopt the baby – his son but also, legally, his brother. FULL REPORT