EU calls for tracking computers in all vehicles to monitor, regulate travelThe controlling surveillance state is deepening, prying further into people’s lives like a chisel carving its way through skin and bone. Governments have become opportunistic control freaks, centralizing their micromanagement powers whenever possible. Now the European Union is rolling out plans to monitor travel on all European roads, tracking drivers’ mileages and time traveled per vehicle. This controlling scheme is not for surveillance alone; it’s essentially a plan to tax every driver for the for the distance they travel on European roads.  Could you imagine being taxed for every quarter-mile you drive? A senior European politician is doing just that, calling on all European vehicles to be installed with road-pricing systems. This would include mandatory installation of a computer that would track how long one has driven on European roads and how far. This plan would serve as a built-in tax, harmonizing all road toll charges across the EU. The plan would end road-side tollss and replace them with time-tracking and/or distance-tracking toll micromanagement systems.  One of the plan’s advocates, Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc, is also trying to make the computer system as efficient as possible. She said that the EU travel regulations will put “a burden on car drivers” while becoming an “obstacle to their mobility.” FULL REPORT