Chuck Pierce Mantles Glenn Beck in Church CeremonyChuck Pierce offered Glenn Beck a “new mantle for the future” at a ceremony at the Global Spheres Center on Sunday morning in Corinth, Texas. Considering the conservative media voice is a Mormon, the act was immediately met with debate. A commenter named Michelle Metcalfe Smith wondered how a “tongue-talking, radical Christian who is not clearly LDS” could give this mantle without violating his religion and asked, “Does Chuck Pierce believe that Mormons are Christians?” Pierce publicly addressed the debate on the post: “Glenn Beck is devoted to Israel. The mantle was given from Israel. Many Jews have never had salvation experiences. Many individuals in Methodist, Baptist, Catholic churches, etc. may have never ever had salvation experiences. However one could bear witness to Glenn’s testimony. I look forward to him, like all of us, experiencing a new dimension of God’s Spirit and Grace. Blessings!” FULL REPORT