Big Bang Blunder: Scientists Retract Alleged Proof of Universe’s BeginningsSo just who created the Universe? Our Schools have tried for years to convince our children that “Slime and Time” as a result of a “Big Bang” resulted in humanity but now according to reports a team of astronomers who jubilantly announced last year that they had found proof of the Big Bang have now retracted their statements, admitting that their evidence was faulty. In March of last year, astronomers using the BICEP2 telescope at the South Pole announced the discovery of “primordial gravitational waves” from the universe’s beginning. Proponents of the secular model of origins eagerly touted the discovery as “smoking gun” evidence for the universe’s rapid inflation during the Big Bang. “This is a genuine breakthrough,” declared Andrew Pontzen, as reported by The Guardian. “It represents a whole new era in cosmology and physics as well.” FULL STORY