Yemen rebels seize US weapons, vehicles after embassy staff leave On the heels of Obama declaring “War on ISIS” US embassies are evacuated and weapons captured!  Houthi rebels have reportedly seized all the US embassy’s vehicles in Sanaa and the weapons of the Marines, who were guarding it, after the American ambassador and diplomats left Yemen’s capital earlier Wednesday. Over 20 vehicles were taken by the militants after the Americans left for the airport, Yemeni members of the US embassy staff told Reuters. A top Sanaa airport official told CNN that the Houthis also prevented the departing US Marines from taking their weapons on the plane with them. Some of the weapons were seized by the rebels, while the rest was handed over to random airport employees by US troops, he added. The night before they left, US Embassy staff burned tens of thousands of documents and destroyed the weapons in the embassy’s warehouse, Yemeni officials said. The embassy also handed over the Sheraton Hotel in Sanaa – where its employees were staying – to the United Nations. The majority of US diplomats left Yemen a few weeks ago, with the embassy operating with only a skeleton staff in the last few days. State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki has confirmed that US vehicles and equipment were seized by the Houthis, TASS news agency reports. The actions of the rebels were “unacceptable,” and Washington will demand that the embassy property be returned, she added. Psaki also said that the US plans to restore is embassy’s operation shortly, stressing that the US ambassador to Yemen, Matthew H. Tueller, remains in his position despite leaving the country. US Defense Department personnel will remain on the ground in Yemen to continue counterterrorism efforts aimed against the local Al-Qaeda branch, despite the closure of the embassy, the White House said. Washington views Al-Qaeda in Yemen as the most dangerous off shoot of the global terrorist organization. More