World About To Enter A Period Of Immense Financial Destruction And Social DisorderToday a 40-year market veteran sent King World News an incredibly important piece that warns the world is about to enter a period of immense financial destruction and social disorder. This piece exclusively for KWN also discusses why the financial destruction and social disorder will engulf the entire world. After much speculation, we now know the outcome of the negotiations between the EU and Greece. The two sides agreed to extend the status quo for another four months in exchange for promises including “flexible labor laws” and “rooting out corruption”. If you had to design a phony conclusion for the meetings, this one could not be any better. A government elected to end austerity agrees to vague promises in exchange for no money and a continuation of the austerity. It should not be a surprise to anyone other than the Greek people. Another election and another set of politicians promising to do the impossible. Even if the Greek officials had good intentions, there was no possibility of a scenario whereby the debt went unpaid, more money came in and austerity was lifted. Default and a Greek exit are virtually certain. The austerity under which the Greek people are suffering is going to seem modest compared to the elevator shaft of wealth destruction that awaits the general population. More