Why You Should Quit Drinking Diet SodaWhen diet sodas were first introduced to the general public in the middle of the 20th century, they seemed like the best new thing in food since sliced bread. The idea was that you could drink sodas without counting calories and worrying about weight gain. According to the University of Texas, 59 percent of Americans drinks diet sodas regularly, hoping to lose weight. Unfortunately, evidence shows that they do not help you lose weight. In fact, they increase your risk of becoming obese and may even be worse for your health than regular sodas. “Artificial sweeteners are a disaster in their own right,” says board-certified family physician Dr. David Brownstein. “They’re known to cause neurological problems, autoimmune disorders and probably cancer,” he tells Newsmax Health. If you’re still guzzling diet drinks, read on to see why you seriously need to quit—and you’ll also discover the best, least painful ways to ditch your habit. There are at least five good reasons, all backed by research, why you should quit drinking diet sodas. More