Where Is the Church on Abortion?Just weeks ago, I had the privilege of walking in my first March for Life. I was there as a volunteer for The Radiance Foundation—an educational, life-affirming organization that inspires people to live a life of meaning. I had no idea what to expect at the world’s largest gathering of pro-life advocates, who made their way to Washington, D.C., from all over the country and even Canada. I don’t consider myself a pro-life activist—at least not in terms that media often defines it, with anti-abortion banners and staged protests. I am just a Christian woman, raised in a ministry family, surrounded by Christian friends and family, who has always held a strong belief in the sanctity of life. We participated in the first-ever evangelical worship gathering at the March for Life, called OneVoiceDC. This was a nondenominational event—open to all—to pray and worship to end abortion and bring healing to our country, which has allowed legal abortion for 42 years.

Hundreds of people were gathered to pray for an end to abortion in our country; I was personally moved by well-known pro-life leaders who came to the gathering to bow before God and humbly seek the answer to abolishing abortion. However, there was a point in the worship service that I felt such great conviction and I couldn’t stop crying. One of the leaders prayed about the church’s “sin of apathy over abortion.” His words hit me with such great conviction. I kept hearing that phrase over and over again in my head.,I have been guilty of the “sin of apathy” over abortion. It’s that apathetic notion that Abortion is legal and I can’t change things, so why dwell on something I cannot change? That was once me, but tragically it is the state of most of the evangelical church in America.

I grew up in ministry, attending various Protestant churches all my life, and I can’t remember one time where abortion was ever a focus of a sermon or a mission of the church. Of course, I have sat under biblical teaching—preaching forgiveness and grace for sins. I know and have witnessed the healing power of Christ in lives of women and men who were healed from the pain and destruction of past abortions; but I don’t see the church taking up the pro-life cause to end abortion. The sin of apathy has led me to the question: “Where is the church?”

Grappling with my own sin of apathy and questioning why the church has been so silent, I came across a timely book by Online for Life President Brian Fisher titled Deliver Us from Abortion. Like me, he too has questioned and “discovered that the American church, on the whole, is not actively defending and protecting innocent life.” In his introduction he addresses this great concern: More