Vladimir Putin's bomber jets could down UK passenger planes A Former Defence Chief is warning that Vladimir Putin’s Russian bombers could collide with passenger jets if they continue their dangerous flight patterns over Western air space. The Former Defence Chief also accused the Russian president of war rehearsals by flying a Tu-95 Bear off ­Cornwall that was challenged by the RAF. The massive bombers switch off their transponders on the flights, making them invisible to commercial jet radars and air traffic control. He went on to say  “We are seeing the ­possibility of mid-air collision not between RAF and Russian aircraft, but between Russian aircraft and civilian aircraft increasing.  “They are engaging … in a game of chicken and that’s very dangerous. “These aircraft are not going on these long flights simply as joyrides. They are mission rehearsals. “These aircraft launch stand-off missiles against western targets and, just as they used to do in the Cold War, they are now practising those profiles. “Putin is running a gangster regime in Russia and he is running a gangsterish foreign policy.” FULL STORY