Train of Snow Storms in Store for Midwest and NortheastA train of storms will bring round after round of snow from the Upper Midwest to part of the Northeast this weekend into early next week. The biggest storm in the bunch will be the caboose in the train, set to affect the Northeast Sunday night into Monday night. The storms will bring episodes of snow every 12-24 hours or so from northern Minnesota and northern Michigan and southern Ontario to upstate New York, northern Pennsylvania, northern New Jersey and New England. In some cases, there may be snow of varying intensity from this weekend right straight through into early next week.
The first batch of snow in the train moved into the Upper Midwest on Friday, by way of the Canada Prairies. During Saturday, the snowy corridor will expand from the upper Great Lakes to New York state, central and southern New England to the northern part of Pennsylvania, northern New Jersey and part of Long Island. Additional systems will follow into early Monday in the Midwest, with the final storm exiting New England by Tuesday. Most of the snow events will tend to be more of a nuisance, where property owners will have to clean off a coating to an inch or two of snow or slush periodically, while road crews will have to put down several rounds of deicing or anti-skid materials. There will be some exceptions, mainly just north of the track of each of the storms where several inches of snow can fall. The cumulative effect of the snow could be heavy and difficult to manage for some communities. According to Chief Meteorologist Elliot Abrams, “The potential is there for a heavy accumulation in some of the same places that were hit hard with feet of snow in the past two weeks.” More