Tens of tons of dead fish 'is a mystery' in Lake Singkarak, IndonesiaCommunities around the Lake Singkarak, West Sumatra still shrouded in puzzles. Up to four days pascamatinya tens of tons fish floating keramba belongs to, has not been known to cause. The citizens began to distracted by the pungent stench of fish carcasses. However, there is also a community of harvesting the fish with a reason, it is still good to be cooked. Since the demise of the keramba pumice, fish every morning society Nagari Singkarak and Nagari Saniangbaka, district X Koto Singkarak, Solok Regency, always get thousands of fish carcasses on the shores of the Lake. Many of the people who harvest the fish carcasses with reason not smelling. On the other hand, a part owner of keramba as if resigned to the situation. There are fish floating dead, let there also are trying to harvest the fish still dizzy. “If it can be sold very cheap, around Rp 8,000 to Rp 10,000 per kilo,” said Octavian, one of the owners of keramba in Singkarak, told The Express, Friday (13/2). Octavian says, as a result of this accident, about 105 kerambanya full of dead fish, suddenly contained. “Fish that looks dead today, it still remains that yesterday,” said Octavian who claimed damages to hundreds of million dollars of it. The Regent of Solok, Syamsu Rahim confirmed the calamities that befell the fish farmers in this Lake Singkarak should immediately actionable and not taken lightly. According to Syamsu Rahim, from research done Solok Regency, the Fisheries Agency, the deaths of thousands of fish keramba it were not for the influence of fish food that accumulate at the bottom of the Lake. “This should not be regarded as mere accidents and natural disasters. The results while the dead fish is due to environmental factors that slums, “said Syamsu Rahim. In addition, he continued, the dead fish is also thought to be due to the sulfur cycle 5 annual Lake Singkarak. But to make sure the cause, Syamsu Rahim has ordered related service carry samples of dead fish and contaminated lake water for checked into the laboratory. “This concerns the livelihood of the community. We will soon find a solution and the anticipation of this incident so that it doesn’t happen again, “stated Syamsu Rahim. JPNN