Scores of GIANT asteroids on course to hurtle past Earth within the monthNASA is sounding the alarm once again over asteroids in close proximity of Earth. The latest comes as scores of giant asteroids are on course to hurtle close to Earth before the end of February, according to latest NASA space data. More than 1km wide these Asteroids would produce catastrophic consequences if any of these Asteroids were to strike the Earth.  Nearly 70 asteroids are on the radar and most are around 100 metres wide, the size of a double decker bus, and would be capable of causing significant damage.  These Monsters travel at up to 70,000 miles an hour, and if any of these were to hit Earth it could “alter life as we know it”!  Plumes of debris thrown into the atmosphere would change the climate making the planet inhabitable for all life including humans. Impact would be catastrophic destroying cities and knocking out transport and communication networks. According to NASA’s Near Earth Object Programme, there are 68 ‘close approaches’ forecast before the end of next month. Source