Retired pastor credits recovery from 6 brain tumors to his faith in GodIn 1981, Scott Erdman was studying to become a pastor when he was diagnosed with melanoma. Six brain tumors and multiple systemic tumors later, he has won his battle with cancer— a feat he credits to his faith and cutting-edge medical technology. Erdman had fought cancer for nearly half his life. At age 24, he spotted the first sign of the disease: a small lump in his armpit. Doctors removed a tumor and 24 surrounding lymph nodes, and he celebrated being cancer-free for five years in spite of a three-year prognosis. At the time, Erdman was enrolled at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, Calif. After his diagnosis, he took off about nine months before deciding to return to school. “I’ve always been an individual that’s really wanted the most for what I could give, and so when this happened … God really took the issue of what was going to happen with my life, and I didn’t ever really take it back,” he told “I decided to live as I could, as long as he would have me alive.” He worked as a youth pastor at Bel Air Presbyterian Church while attending seminary, a decision that his church and school communities supported. Then, in 1991, he began getting headaches. An MRI scan revealed three brain tumors, all in highly sensitive areas of the brain. The largest was the size of an orange. FULL STORY