Phoenix Lights Returning? Phoenix couple claims to see mysterious lightsThe skies lit up in March of 1997. It was a mysterious formation leading folks to speculate if it was something from out of this world. Fast-forward to 2015, and Goodyear residents Kerrie and Jeff Zakaras, claim to have seen those same lights hovering over the Estrella Mountains on Tuesday. “From our viewpoint it was kind of like a headlight, but hovering,” said Kerrie. Jeff added, “we actually drove all the way down there to Tuthill Road and still couldn’t figure out what’s causing it.” But for the record, Kerrie and Jeff, don’t believe in UFOs. But Alejandro Rojas does. Rojas is a veteran writer in the world of UFOs and the paranormal. He is also emcee for the largest UFO conference in the country which will take place in Arizona in two weeks. According to Alejandro, there’s no need to worry about extraterrestrials. “Those are believed to be flares dropped by the military,” said Rojas. ABC15 reached out to Luke Air Force Base officials who confirm they were flying out at Goldwater Range on Tuesday night and that during training, they do drop flares. This specific mystery may be solved, but for the decades upon decades of accounts of unexplainable bright lights in the skies, the skepticism still remains. More