Pakistanis forced to surrender fingerprints in the name of Security

In the latest efforts to collect biometric information, Pakistan has ordered cellphone users to verify their identities through fingerprints for a national database being compiled to curb terrorism. If they fail to comply their service will be shut off!  Concerned about a proliferation of illegal and untraceable SIM cards, the directive is the most visible step so far in Pakistan’s efforts to restore law and order after Taliban militants killed 150 students and teachers at a school in December. Officials said the six terrorists who stormed the school in Peshawar were using cellphones registered to one woman who had no obvious connection to the attackers. There is 103 million SIM cards in Pakistan — roughly the number of the adult population making efforts to match each person with their cellphone an endless task. Mobile companies have until April 15 to verify the owners of all of the cards, which are tiny chips in cellphones that carry a subscriber’s personal security and identity information. In the past six weeks, 53 million SIMs belonging to 38 million residents have been verified through biometric screening, officials said. If you’re reading this story from America you have to wonder “If and When” this will come to the United States in the name of “Security” ? FULL STORY