Obama changes word 'Spouse' to include 'Gay' CouplesIt is becoming evident that the Spirit of Sodom has entered the White House and is flowing thru the veins of our Nation and a recent move by the Obama administration gives even greater evidence of this! The White House has decided to re-defined the word “spouse” Tuesday to include gay couples. The Department of Labor quietly issued a new 52-page regulation, to be published in the Federal Register Wednesday, updating the term “spouse” to include gay couples so that gays now get job-protected leave from work to care for their gay partner or partner’s children or parents under the Family and Medical Leave Act. The new definition applies to all gay couples who were legally married in states where gay marriage is legal, regardless of whether or not they now live in states where gay marriage is not legal. The IRS also adopted this “place of celebration” definition of residency after the Defense of Marriage Act was struck down at the Supreme Court. FULL REPORT